What is a Congregational Church?

If you are visiting First Congregational United Church of Christ, you may be curious about the faith and practice of a “Congregational “ church, a faith tradition brought to America on the Mayflower.

Intelligent people who read and interpret the Bible for themselves, without coercion, will never see all things alike. So we do not expect conformity of opinion among those who worship with us.

We have no catechism to memorize and no creeds to recite which express our uniform beliefs. We are open to all who accept Jesus as Lord of life. and who promise to walk in His ways as they come to know and understand those ways.

We offer a church home for those who may have been put off by rigid dogma and want to feel accepted when they have honest doubts and tough questions.

We are a ““covenantal” “ church, of agreeing to journey together regardless of differing opinions, because we are united in desiring to extend Christ’s realm of justice, peace, and love in the world.

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